"Unfold your wings; release your spirit; follow your bliss"
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Questions. Why do we ask questions? To receive an answer of course! But what if there is no answer? What if there are many? The truth is this. Questions are not one dimensional. There is no right or wrong way to answer a question. There is no yes or no. There is no black or white. Answers cannot be taught. They cannot be learnt from a book. Answers come from experience; a wealth of experience; of many experiences. The answer is always changing. It is only true in that one single moment where time, space and reality are combined. In the next breath the answer may be very different. Remember you are a multidimensional being. One answer may be true for part of you, but not another. Part of you may be shouting ‘yes!’ whilst the other is cowering in fear. Embrace the facets of yourself, embrace the facets of the question; like many seperate chords coming together to create a harmony that is heard as one. Only then, do you receive your answer. (Unless it is of course mathematics; but that is a topic for another day…!)

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