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Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Cards, originally known as Tarot Cards, have been used over the centuries as an ancient art of divination. The term ‘divination’ means ‘to gain insight’ and Oracle Cards are a useful tool for gaining clearer insight into past, present or future situations. They are helpful for anyone looking for meaning or answers and can help bring forward powerful messages giving us a greater sense of direction.

Oracle Cards can also be used as a tool to receive spiritual guidance, either through intuitive perception or connection to higher levels of consciousness. All messages are brought forward from the highest good and are positive, loving and given to us with the purest intention to help us understand and develop ourselves

Oracle Card

Three Card Spread

  • The 3 card spread looks at past, present and future
  • It can be used to help you understand why a situation or event occurred in your life, how that is affecting you in this present moment and what the outcome may be if you continue on the same path of attraction

The Celtic Cross Spread

  • The Celtic Cross looks at situations in depth and can offer detailed guidance on a specific situation or event
  • The Celtic Cross is made up of 2 crosses, one representing the heart of the matter, and the other representing the wheel of which your life is turning

Readings for Children (age 8+)

  • Readings for children can offer helpful, gentle advice for many common childhood worries
  • 1, 2 or 3 cards are chosen, depending on the complexity of the issue or concern
  • Choose from Angel, Fairy or Unicorn Cards which offer supportive messages