"Unfold your wings; release your spirit; follow your bliss"

Holistic Therapy

Blissful Wings is a holistic therapy service offering energetic clearing treatments that restore balance to mind, body and soul. Everyday stresses can trigger physical, emotional and energetic imbalances which can sometimes leave us feeling stuck, ungrounded, muddled or confused and seeking a sense of direction.


Blissful Wings treatments work to release these blockages and imbalances, giving you a sense of freedom and enabling you to experience bliss in your everyday life.


Blissful Wings treatments can be booked for evenings or weekends and are delivered in the comfort of your own home. Oracle Card readings can be carried out remotely and detailed guidance can be sent via email. Prices may be reduced for students or people on low incomes. Please call or email to book an appointment. We are also available for corporate events and parties